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September 2021
11Johnson & Johnson
Woman Compensated by Johnson & Johnson After Using Talcum Products and Developing Mesothelioma After getting diagnosed with mesothelioma, Donna Olson received $120 million in damages from Johnson & Johnson – the company responsible for the development of her illness. The company itself has faced thousands of lawsuits from cancer victims who also developed life-threatening illnesses...
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11Dealing with Grief After a Loved One Passes to Mesothelioma
Dealing with Grief After a Loved One Passes to Mesothelioma Every family and person has their own way of dealing with grief. Some families gather together to mourn death, others fall apart due to the missing piece. My best friend’s mother passed away not too long ago. After hearing the news I immediately packed a...
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11The first Person Begins Newly Approved Mesothelioma Treatment
In May of 2019, the U.S. FDA approved of a brand-new noninvasive electrical therapy treatment called the Novocure NovoTTF-100L. This brand-new authorization of the lump treating fields gadget is the first brand-new therapy for pleural mesothelioma cancer that has been authorized by the FDA in more than fifteen years. Previous to the authorization of this...
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