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Asbestos Causes Lung Cancer Even in Smokers

Asbestos Causes Lung Cancer Even in Smokers

While mesothelioma is a rare cancer most strongly associated with asbestos exposure, other cancers, particularly lung cancer, are also associated with asbestos exposure. Many workers who develop lung cancer never become aware of the causal relationship between asbestos and their disease. The lawyers at Goldberg, Persky & White have knowledge of the medical literature on these subjects and can assist workers in securing their rights.

The diagnosis of lung cancer is an emotional and physical trauma for the patient involved, as well as their families. Unfortunately, in many instances, when one is diagnosed with lung cancer, he or she, as well as their treating physicians, automatically assume that it is due solely to cigarette smoking. However, scientific studies have shown that in many lung cancers, asbestos has played a very strong contributing role as a causative factor, even in individuals who were heavy smokers.

Lung cancer is the most frequent cancer in individuals who are occupationally exposed to asbestos. Exposure to asbestos and cigarette smoking are synergistic factors for the development of lung cancer. Experts estimate that there is a 50 to 100 times increased risk for lung cancer in asbestos workers who smoke, as opposed to asbestos workers who do not smoke.

All too often, when one is diagnosed with lung cancer they fail to realize the role that asbestos played in causing his or her disease. Many treating physicians overlook the role of asbestos, as well, and commonly conclude that smoking is the sole cause. One who has been diagnosed with lung cancer which is caused, in part, by asbestos has significant legal rights against the asbestos companies, who knowingly placed their products in the work