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Asbestos & Mesothelioma News

Mesothelioma Risk Continues to Increase — 40 Years After Exposure

Mesothelioma Risk Continues to Increase — 40 Years After Exposure Mesothelioma Risk Continues to Increase. Even though 40 years have passed since their exposure to asbestos, workers’ risk of developing mesothelioma continues to rise, new research shows. Individuals exposed to asbestos four decades ago are nearly three times more likely to develop the disease than those exposed five years ago, a risk that surpasses even that seen in patients exposed 30 years ago. The study, “Mesothelioma continues to increase even 40 years after exposure – Evidence from long-term epidemiological observation,” was published in the journal Lung Cancer. Asbestos is the primary cause of pleural mesothelioma, and due to...

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New Mesothelioma Treatment for KRAS-positive Lung Cancer

New Mesothelioma Treatment for KRAS-positive Lung Cancer Might Also be a Potential Treatment for Mesothelioma It is not a secret that treatment of KRAS-positive lung cancer can be very challenging, with the disease considered as among the most aggressive forms of lung cancer. However, the latest study revealed that researchers could have finally unraveled a way of dealing with lung cancer when there is the presence of KRAS gene. A mesothelioma lawyer may be able to assist you better. This finding also offers a ray of hope for future treatment for Mesothelioma. The researchers from MIT decided to take a closer...

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Coping with the Challenges of Living with Mesothelioma

Coping with the Challenges of Living with Mesothelioma Coping with the challenges of living with Mesothelioma is difficult for many. Mesothelioma is nothing but a dreadful disease. That is the reason why keeping yourself healthy in a moderate way sometimes feels like a never ending effort. It’s a fact for both your mental and physical health. It’s common to feel anxious, afraid, and depressed. As a matter of fact, between twenty and sixty percent of the cancer patients show depression symptoms and most of them have been diagnosed already with what you call clinical depression. These are the times that your support...

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Tennessee Mesothelioma

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Michigan Mesothelioma Support


Michigan Mesothelioma Support for Patients and Families Michigan Mesothelioma support is essential. There is more support for mesothelioma patients now than there ever has been before. There are medical, emotional, financial and legal issues created by a mesothelioma diagnosis in the family. Mesothelioma is on the rise. The top mesothelioma law firm is here for you. It can be overwhelming learning how to cope with them all. Fortunately, help is available. For the patient, of course, the most important thing is medical treatment. Although doctors still have not found a cure for mesothelioma, there have been many helpful medical developments to assist...

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