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New Mesothelioma Treatment for KRAS-positive Lung Cancer

New Mesothelioma Treatment for KRAS-positive Lung Cancer

New Mesothelioma Treatment for KRAS-positive Lung Cancer Might Also be a Potential Treatment for Mesothelioma

KRAS-positive Lung CancerIt is not a secret that treatment of KRAS-positive lung cancer can be very challenging, with the disease considered as among the most aggressive forms of lung cancer. However, the latest study revealed that researchers could have finally unraveled a way of dealing with lung cancer when there is the presence of KRAS gene. A mesothelioma lawyer may be able to assist you better. This finding also offers a ray of hope for future treatment for Mesothelioma.

The researchers from MIT decided to take a closer look at KRAS or Kirsten rat sarcoma virus, and homed in on its KEAP1 mutation, which, according to them, happens to be the third most commonly mutated gene in cases of lung cancer. They discovered that in cancer where there is nonfunctioning KEAP1 gene, cancer cells crave for glutamine. They found out that if they could remove the glutamine supply to the tumors, they will be able to treat KEAP1 and KRAS mutations alike.

New Mesothelioma Treatment for KRAS-positive Lung Cancer

KRAS-mutated cancers are considered undruggable because of the inability of the successful use of medicine for targeting protein. But, the researchers started to experiment with the suppression of KEAP1 which led to over-expression of a NRF2, a different protein, turning hyperactive. A top mesothelioma lawyer at GPW may be able to help you. It made them assess NRF2, and they learned that patients who have up-regulated NRF2 tumors have notably worse rates of survival compared to other patients of lung cancer.

The researchers returned to KEAP1, and paid more attention on its glutamine cravings, learning that in lung cancer cells that have loss of function mutations for KEAP1 and KRAs, the cells tend to be more dependent compared to others on higher quantities of glutamine. The use of inhibitors of glutaminase, an enzyme vital to metabolism of glutamine, in the cells helped in slowing down the growth of cancer cells and shrunk the lung cancer tumors.

New Mesothelioma Treatment for KRAS-positive Lung Cancer

According to the team, KEAP1/KRAS mutations can happen in 17% of lung cancer patients. Different studies were able to discover KEAP1 mutations in the malignant Mesothelioma cells, in which one study found it active in 7% of samples of pleural Mesothelioma tissue.

KRAS gene has been discovered as well in some patients of pleural Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma, which is a rare type of cancer brought about by being exposed to the airborne fibers of asbestos, tends to be very aggressive and is even resistant to most of the existing treatments today. Care usually follows a protocol similar to that of lung cancer. GPW has some of the best West Virginia mesothelioma lawyers in the Nation. This only means that Mesothelioma cancer patients who are searching for effective treatments for their condition might benefit a lot from the developments of this latest research.

New Mesothelioma Treatment for KRAS-positive Lung Cancer

The really good news coming from this study is that CB0839, one of the inhibitors used, is already part of the phase 1 clinical trials for KRAS-mutant and KEAP1-mutant lung cancer patients. The search could help in identifying the suitable patients for the trials.

As cases of Mesothelioma cancer continue to see an alarmingly increasing rate, this kind of discoveries can help a lot in giving patients their much needed hope to finally extricate themselves from this serious condition. Speak with one of our mesothelioma lawyers to understand your rights. For More Information, contact us today at AsbestosCancer.org