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We just resolved a trial group of 6 mesothelioma cases with great success. We obtained $1.4 million for a 69 year old glass plant worker; $1.75 million for an 80 year old steelworker; $2 million for a 77 year old aluminum plant worker and almost $3 million for a 69 year old boilermaker.

Although we can’t guarantee these types of results in every case, you can see that our hard work really makes a difference in people’s lives. We have a staff dedicated to fighting big companies for our clients who were poisoned by simply going to work every day to earn a living. If you or someone you know is suffering from lung cancer or mesothelioma please contact us. We are local lawyers and know which products were used in the various steel mills, power houses, chemical plants and other work sites in the area. We have been helping working families for over 30 years- we can help yours.