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Our Mesothelioma Settlements

At Goldberg, Persky & White P.C. we are focused on getting justice for mesothelioma victims and their families. We measure ourselves by our clients satisfaction, and we’re proud of our track record. We have recovered hundreds of millions for mesothelioma victims and their families. After all, you didn’t deserve this disease, but you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering. An estimated $30 billion for mesothelioma cases has been set aside to help victims of asbestos exposure cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and living expenses. Here are just a few of the mesothelioma lawsuit settlements our mesothelioma lawyers have won for their clients. A Michigan mesothelioma verdict from our firm can be life-changing. Let us put our unmatched experience and legal talent to work for you. We have the book on asbestos companies and exposures in Michigan, we have already obtained the largest Michigan asbestos verdict, get the compensation you deserve  Call today 800-799-2234.



Michigan – 2017 Mesothelioma Settled

This case was settled for a deceased 60 year old Local 47 Asbestos Worker from West Michigan. Primary asbestos product exposure took place at powerhouses and other industrial & commercial construction projects throughout Michigan, including exposure to asbestos containing pipe coverings, blocks, cement, refractories, gaskets and packing installed on steamlines, boilers and other equipment at Michigan jobsites including: CWC Foundry – Muskegon, Consumers Power B. C. Cobb Power Plant – Muskegon, Karn Power Plant – Bay City, J.H. Campbell Power Plant – Port Sheldon, Palisader Nuclear Plant – South Haven, S.D. Warren Paper Mill – Muskegon, Dow Chemical – Midland, Hooker Chemical – Montague, Upjohn chemical plant – Kalamazoo.



Michigan – 2016 Mesothelioma Settled

This case was settled for a deceased 67 year old Iron Worker who worked in the Detroit Area. Primary asbestos exposure took place on industrial construction projects including: Great Lakes Steel in Ecorse Michigan, Ford Rouge – Dearborn, Great Lakes Steel – Zug Island, Marathon Oil Refinery – Detroit, Chrysler Huber Street Foundry – Detroit, Wyandotte Chemical – Wyandotte, McLouth Steel – Trenton and Detroit, General Motors Plants – Detroit, Pontiac, Flint. Detroit Edison Plants – Detroit and Monroe.

Michigan – 2016 Mesothelioma Settled


This case was settled for a 76 year old Steamfitter from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.



Mesothelioma Settled

This case was settled for a deceased 67 year old Local 2 Asbestos Worker.



Mesothelioma Settled

This case was settled for a 79 year old ceramic engineer.



Mesothelioma Settled

This case was settled for a deceased 60 year old electrician.



Goldberg, Persky and White, Michigan’s leading Mesothelioma lawyers, are proud to announce a Michigan Jury has awarded their client, the family of an asbestos lung cancer victim, $1.8 million in what is believed to be the largest asbestos disease verdict in the history of Michigan asbestos litigation. Most asbestos cases that go to verdict, especially in Michigan, are for mesothelioma. It’s unusual to go to verdict in lung cancer cases. It shows exposed people are getting lung cancer in addition to mesothelioma.

In this Wayne County case, the asbestos victim had been a steel worker at the Ford Rouge Steel Mill in Dearborn, Michigan for some 30 years. Just 15 years after retiring, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The victim passed away in July of 2017 at the age of 70. GPW Mesothelioma attorneys Jay Bedortha and John Kelsey represented the family of the victim and was able to convince a Jury that the defendant, a Cleveland-based engineering company, knew as far back as 1965 that the asbestos products it sold to the Ford Rouge Steel Mill caused cancer. Further, that the company failed to put warning labels on their products and sold those cancer-causing products to others, while secretly protecting its own workers from asbestos.

After a two-week long trial the jury agreed with the plaintiff’s, and found the company guilty of negligence and wanton misconduct. The wanton misconduct finding was key to obtaining a significant award to fairly compensate the victim’s family. Michigan cases are complicated and you need an experienced Michigan lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve. If only negligence was found by the jury, even though the defendant was responsible for the death, the asbestos company would have been protected by the Michigan Republican jury “cap” of $500000. for a wrongful death regardless of what a jury found fair and the jury would never be told. (unfortunately in Michigan if you have enough lobby dollars you can buy a special interest law for yourself from the republican politicians in the legislature. Rental car companies, asbestos product manufacturers and doctors have gone to the GOP pay window in Lansing so far to buy protection from constitutionally created jury accountability). A Michigan mesothelioma verdict from our firm can truly make a huge difference for victims of mesothelioma, work with a GPW Lawyer today!

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2015 Litigator Award Winner

The 2015 Litigator Awards™ represent the highest honors in Trial Law, and justly stand as the nation’s most coveted symbol of “Litigation Achievement”. Those awarded join an exclusive fraternity of Super-Star Lawyers who have won Million, Multi-Million and/or Billion Dollar cases – a feat achieved by fewer than 1% of all lawyers. Of the nearly 1.1 Million lawyers considered, only a select few (about 12 Law Firms) per State or DMA, will achieve the distinction of being awarded each year in any given Practice Specialty. Here at Goldberg, Persky & White, we are extremely proud and grateful to accept the 2015 Litigation Award from the Official Lawyers Board of Regents LLC For more than 30 years, the attorneys at Goldberg, Persky & White P.C., have dedicated their practice to helping working men and women recover after injury.

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Goldberg, Persky & White P.C. is a Michigan Mesothelioma Law Firm. We have been pursuing asbestos claims on behalf of asbestos victims since 1976. We are the top mesothelioma lawyers in Michigan with offices in Southfield and Saginaw.

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