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114 Key Points to Know about Asbestos Toxicity
4 Key Points to Know about Asbestos Toxicity Asbestos is a widely known carcinogen with many deadly effects on the human body. Asbestos mining and commercial use was in full effect during much of the 20th century, finding itself in many critical American industries. The Environmental Protection Agency issued a final Asbestos ban on July...
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What You Need to Know About Mesothelioma You probably don’t know anyone with mesothelioma, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a threat to you. It is one of the deadliest diseases, claiming over 3000 lives annually. If you are familiar with asbestos exposure and its effects on the human body, you will know why so...
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11Michigan Mesothelioma lawyer
What To Expect From a Michigan Mesothelioma Lawyer? There is no easy way to learn that you or a family member has been diagnosed with an aggressive and almost always fatal cancer. It’s especially hard when that cancer is triggered by exposure to asbestos. Even worse, the majority of these diseases surface decades after the...
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11How To Find a Mesothelioma Attorney in 2022
How To Find a Mesothelioma Attorney in 2022 Searching for a qualified local Michigan mesothelioma lawyer can be challenging. As mesothelioma is a disease that can creep up without warning, it often becomes very apparent that former employers lacked proper disclosure or safety protocols, which led to a patient’s disease later in life. Mesothelioma patients...
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11How Long Do I Have to File a Water Contamination Lawsuit
How Long Do I Have to File a Water Contamination Lawsuit? In 2015, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NDRC), an environmental advocacy group based in New York, reported that nearly 77 million people in the United States lived in places where the water systems violated safety regulations in some way, including the 1974 Safe Drinking...
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11Mesothelioma Statutes of Limitations
Mesothelioma Statutes of Limitations by State Mesothelioma Statute of limitations refers to the timeframe from diagnosis or in some instances death that a mesothelioma patient or their family has to file a legal claim for compensation. Statutes of limitations vary in each State. An experienced GPW mesothelioma lawyer can advise you regarding the statute of...
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What Is An Asbestos Trust Fund? Asbestos trust funds are created on behalf of negligent asbestos companies that have gone bankrupt. A lawyer at GPWLaw MI can help you with filing an Asbestos Trust fund claim. Victims of each corporation’s negligence may file asbestos claims with their respective trust. These trust funds ensure asbestos exposure...
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11Statute of Limitations for Mesothelioma in Ohio
Statute of Limitations for Mesothelioma in Ohio If you or a loved one is facing a mesothelioma diagnosis, you might be considering filing a case related to your illness. Legal options for pursuing a case related to your mesothelioma consist of filing a personal injury claim or filing a wrongful death suit. When filing cases...
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11Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos
Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos | Are they Safe? Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos has been used for decades in the past throughout our nation. Between the 1950s and 1980s, workers favored the use of spray-on textured ceilings within buildings – an easy way to hide imperfections. During this period, however, asbestos as a building material was in high...
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